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Did God Dial 911?

The horrendous events of September 11th have changed the world.

Everyone is asking, was this from God? Did God look down and see our condition, a world of general disdain and apathy for Him and His Laws, and then shoot a lightning bolt of judgment into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

The Bible prophet Isaiah wrote, "When Your (God's) judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness." (Isaiah 26:8,9)  Does this suggest that the hijackers' plans were designed by God?

To be sure, the world seemed to suddenly discover God after the events of 9-11, but did those events originate from God?

No!  Jesus said, "An enemy has done this." (Matthew 13:28)

God gives every being He creates the gift of a "free" will.  Love can't exist without it.  Love can't be forced.  It must be given freely, from the heart of one to another.

Americans join freedom loving people around the world in celebrating freedom.  A champion of freedom for over two hundred years, America calls itself the land of the free.

But America did not invent freedom.

God did!

God knew that if we were to love Him as He loves us, we must be free to choose. We must have the freedom to say Yes" to God, and a freedom to say "No". Sin, the free choice to say no to God, is the source of all evil and all destruction. Yet God has not destroyed all sinners, or none of us would still exist. No, in the spirit of love He continues to let us choose how we respond to Him–a choice ultimately between life and death.  Through many means He invites us, and provides us with opportunities, to say "Yes."  But He honors our freedom to say "No".  (For a fuller explanation, including how evil began and how it will end, link to our "Star Wars" presentation from our home page.)

On September 11, 2001, at least 19 hijackers said "No." They were deceived by the enemy of God, Satan, the first sinner, and the father of death, destruction and all evil.

God never forces His will on us. He lets the choice of sin live itself out on its chosen path.  Only then can He prove that He is to be trusted for His Love, and not for His Power.

He tries to warn us, though. He sent Moses with the 10 Commandments.  He sent the Prophets with cries of warning.  He sent His Only Son to atone for our sins–the greatest act of love in history.

And He is a genius at using the evil of the Enemy to thwart the desires of the enemy.  The Bible says, "He catches the wise in their own craftiness," and "all things work together for good to those who love God. . . ." (1 Corinthians 3:19; Romans 8:28)  Which means that for everyone of us who calls upon Him and trusts Him (i.e., says "Yes" to Him), God takes the evil, the dysfunction, the hurt and the pain and uses it to His, and our, own advantage! (For a fuller explanation of what it means to say "Yes" to God, see our "Spotted Leopard" presentation from our home page.)

9-11 was just such an event.  It was the work of the great enemy of God and all humanity.  And yet through all the pain and suffering we can hear the echoing call of One who Himself endured torture and death for us: "Look to Me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth.!" (Isaiah 45:22)

The evil and destruction that Satan inflicted on innocent people September 11, 2001, and continues to inflict on people daily in an attempt to turn them away from God, will be used by God to turn many toward Him.  God didn't create evil, but He is able to use it for our good!  Like in the story of the tsunami in China, God is able to use such disasters to save us from an even greater catastrophe.

Isn't that amazing?

The enemy is always trying to cause disaster in our lives.  They challenge us to think more seriously about our priorities.  Perhaps you sense God appealing to you right now.  Would you like to say "Yes" to God?

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